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Forestry equipment excavator cable logging


Teleforest Inc. is a manufacturing company specializing in a unique concept to transport lumber in hard to reach areas based on a cable yarding system.

Our lead product, The SKy Log, is made of a self-propelled carriage module fixed to a cable that is attached to two 15 meters masts maintained in place by two excavators.

The winch from each excavators is what automatically controls the maximum tension needed on the cable.

Our product does not need a fixed anchorage for the excavators and the masts.

Our self-propelled carriage module can be used for the remote controlled grappel or the remote controlled choker, both being interchangeable .

This is a unique and simple hauling system that permits you to operate on a 350 meter distance when hauling on flat terrain and on a 450 meter distance when hauling in mountainous areas along the slopes.

The gravitational force gives you an advantage during the downhill hauling , thus permitting an operational cost reduction of 40%.

Production equals 25 complete loading cycles per hour on average distance of 300 meters.  Thus, an average of 1 cubic meter per concealment.

When self-propelled carriage module is operational, the excavators and winches are not, which contributes to a considerable reduction in operational costs.

The Sky Log operates in non conventional locations for example marshlands, downhill and uphill along mountain slopes.

Intermediate support  Experimentation

What sets us apart:

  • Simplicity of operations

  • Workers security

  • Equipment mobility

  • Diminished production costs

  • A constant production day after day!

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